Worldwide presence on 4 continents.

  • Automotive sector, body and interior color parts.
  • Renewable and aeronautical sector.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle sector.
  • Metallurgical sector.
  • Cosmetics and decoration sector.

Mixing rooms.

  • Solvent-based and water-based paints.
  • Low or medium pressure.
  • Rigid (INOX) or flexible (FEP) circulating.
  • Large, medium or low consumption.
  • Quick paint change system.
  • Automatic paint recovery system.

Automatic application.

  • Continuous processes, fixed guns.
  • Robots and Reciprocators.
  • Solvent and water-based paint application.
  • Robotized flaming, blowing and cleaning by CO2.
  • Airbrushing, mixed, airless, electrostatic and high speed cup application.

Dosing and mixing systems 1k/2k/3k.

  • Manual and automatic processes.
  • Integration in reciprocator or robot, external or IPC1 / 2k.
  • Mechanical, flow rate or gear pumps.
  • Automatic color change system (1k / 2k / 3k).
  • Integration in communication networks and industry 4.0.